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10 Best Pitbull Blogs to Learn More


Founded in 2004 by a family who has showcased their love and dedication towards the care of XL American Pitbulls. Dark Dynasty K9 with millions of subscribers across multiple media platforms, has captured the hearts of millions, helping the general public to understand more about Pitbull’s behavior and their well-being through training videos. This platform also offers various services including for sale, dog adoption, and training of your American XL Pitbulls.

2. MN Pit Bull Rescue

Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue is an all-volunteer, non-profit dog rescue organization founded in 2009. This platform has only one vision – To cater to stranded dogs and find them a forever happy home! MPBR operates as a foster home for helpless dogs that are stranded on the street and helps them find new loving adopters who will cherish and care for them.

No dog deserves to be abandoned, dogs deserve absolute love, and with MBPR you can volunteer if can no longer cater to your dog

3. Angel City Pit Bulls

ACPB is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dog rescue organization dedicated to creating a better future for Pit Bulls. This platform portrays a positive image of Pit Bulls as loving for-legged companions through education, public advocacy, adoption, and owner support. The ACPB Team is dedicated to raising funds for the well-being of other Pit Bulls in need.

4. Pit Bull Lovers

Surfing through your Google page and looking for accurate, informative results concerning American pit bulls can be tiring, and may end up not getting the positive result you wanted. The Pit Bull Lovers is the right website for you. This page is filled with accurate tips, information, and ideas about the care and facts of American XL Pit Bulls.

The goal is to help the general public learn more about the Pit Bulls and help find high-quality information.     

**Note that this website does not offer for-sale service, or dog fighting information. It is strictly made to provide accurate information, tips, and ideas about Pit Bulls.

5. Your Pit Bull and You

“Your Pitbul and You” is a website specifically established to cater to dogs of all breeds including Pitbull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrie, American Bully, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Bulldog, and more. This platform provides information for pet parents to know and understand more about dog harboring, including the study of dog behavior and training to keep them active, breed description and comparisons, nutrition education, dog health, and many more. On this platform, you also get to purchase accessories such as dog harnesses, crates, toys, and more, as well as reviews and recommendations, channeling more answers to private challenges with your dog.

6. Safety Before Pit Bulldogs

Safety Before Pit Bulls is a unique website that provides crucial information, studies, tips, and ideas about American Bulldogs. This platform brings to public notice the potential dangers of bulldogs in communities and the value of breed-specific legislation (BSL) to keep the communities safe. On this website, you will find all information concerning bulldogs as well as breed misconceptions.

7. The Love Pit Rescue

The Love Pit Rescue is a non-profit organization known for saving helpless breeds of pit bulls and other dog breeds. This organization rescues, rehabilitates, trains, educates, and advocates for American bullies, providing them with a beautiful shelter and also helping them find a forever happy home. With hard work and dedication over the years, this organization has been able to save up to 1,396 bullies, making it one of the most reputable organizations that cares for pit bulls.

8. Animal Health Clinic

The health of your four-legged American bully matters, and caring for them is one of the most important things one must practice as a pet owner. The Animal Health Clinic in Fargo is your go-to clinic in terms of care for your four-legged companion. AHC’s goal is to provide the best possible service for your four-legged pet and ensure the highest quality veterinary care for your pet.

9. Pet Finder

Petfinder is a non-profit organization set up to rescue and give support to all types of dog breeds. In addition, this website provides useful content and tips on how to housetrain a dog. There is also an opportunity for adoption for dog lovers looking to get a loving and loyal companion.

10. Missouri Pit Bull Rescue

Mopitbull is a prestigious, all-volunteer 501C3 rescue group based in Kansas City. This platform is dedicated to promoting responsible ownership of pit bulls helping deserving pit bulls that are abandoned, getting them a beautiful shelter, and helping them to achieve a fulfilled life. This organization with over 50 active volunteers, and a dozen dedicated foster homes, is indeed a savior for stranded pit bulls.

In addition, this organization combats the misconceptions concerning owning a pitbull through education and fighting unfair legislation. This website also combats pet overpopulation and offers free pit bull adoption programs.

11. Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue

LCPBR also known as Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue is a 501c3 rescue organization that is dedicated to eradicating pit bulls cruelty by rescuing and assisting abandoned pit bulls. This organization also provides training workshops as well as community services, including helping to build fences for families in need. All dogs adopted by LCPBR are fully vetted (spay/neuter, microchip, all shots, heartworm neg.)

The adoption program is also made available and easy and comes with a fee that is combined with training sessions with professional dog trainers. All dogs under our care receive the best care possible, such as heart surgery, Cancer treatment, and MRI all done at LSU Veterinary School of Medicine. LCPBR also provides continual support for all adopted dogs when needed.

12. Texas Pit Crew

Every dog deserves their day and Texas Pit Crew is working towards ensuring every dog achieves a beautiful moment in their life. This 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer-run organization is dedicated to eradicating animal cruelty to all breeds in Wichita and surrounding counties. While this organization works towards helping any animal in need, they also promote the bully breed as the loving and loyal creature they are, condemning the misconceptions towards them. All animals in Texas Pit Crew are in private foster homes of caring volunteers. Additionally, there is also an adoption event throughout the year.

13. Mid-American Bully Breed Rescue

Mid-American Bully Breed Rescue is a foster home network maintained entirely by volunteers. This platform originates from a parent organization – Kansas Put Bull Rescue (KPR), a company founded in 2003 but has to expand its space and accommodation which in the long run brought MABBR to life. MABBR’s establishment has had a great impact on rescuing homeless/helpless pit bulls and helping them find a permanent shelter where they will live happily.

14. The Spruce Pets

Looking for the easiest and probably the best way to quickly find valuable information about four-legged pets? Without wasting time and stressing quickly navigate through the spruce pets website. This platform provides genuine information for over 140 million readers annually and over 2,000 medical article reviews ensure you get all you need. This website provides practical, real-life tips and training advice to help you care for your pet.

15. Daily Paws

The Daily Paw is a unique platform, established to assist pet owners to be able to understand their pet’s reaction and body language in terms of health challenges, behavior, and more. This platform allows pet parents to ask questions and get science-backed answers and advice. Giving a pet all the best for them to enjoy a fulfilled life requires understanding them and Daily Paw is present here to serve that purpose!

Final Thoughts:

As pitbull lovers, we advocate that we continue to learn about this great breed so we can educate other people and also be able to take good care of our furry friend.

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