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Black Pitbull: A Complete Guide on American Pitbull Terrier Black

what is a black pitbull

Pitbulls comes in different types. One of them is the black pitbull.

If you are interested in pitbull or a pitbull lover then sit tight as we learn about this type of pitbull dog breed.

The term “pit bull” is often used as an abbreviation for the American Pit Bull Terrier in other countries such as, the United Kingdom.

The term “pit bull” describes a type of canine that is a cross between a Bulldog and a Terrier. The Black Pit bulls is an offspring of the American Pitbull Terrier and/or the American Staffordshire Terrier.

These dogs give birth to a Pitbull with an entirely black colour coat (not that that’s the only colour coat possible) called the Black Pitbull.

The Black Pitbull rather than being another breed, is used to refer to the colour coat of a Pitbull.

Apart from the colour distinction, they behave just in the same manner as other Pitties. The only distinguishing factor is their “black” coat.

The Black Pitbulls are unique Pitties famous for their colour. They  move with a smooth, quick, and springy gait that communicates their breed’s intrinsic confidence.

Although they have been largely marginalized because of various social misconstrue, they have earned the admirable quality of loyalty to reasonable owners.

This article will educate you on the basic things you need to know about the Black Pitbull.

Note: Some Pitbull are recognized by American Kennel club while some pitbull breed are not recognized by United kennel club.

Black Pitbull History and Overview

Ancient English Bulldogs and Black and Tan Terriers were used to breed Bull and Terrier dogs. These father dogs contributed to the power and agility of the Bull and Terrier offspring. Black Pitbulls were largely bred for use in cruel competitions, dog fighting, and other forms of slaughter, which is abhorrent to dog lovers and proponents of animal rights.

As a result, the Black Pitbull has a terrible reputation throughout the world, with many people thinking that these dogs are aggressive and violent toward people.

Black Pitbulls are closely linked to mastiffs; their ancestors first appeared in Greece around 5000 BC, where soldiers used to train them for canine warfare together with other, much larger breeds.

They were instructed and trained to always defend property owners, and they did just that (possibly why they are the most loyal dogs on the planet). Their most admirable quality is loyalty, and as a result, they will do anything for their master.

Without a doubt, one of the most well-known and beloved dog breeds in the world, and especially well-liked in the United States, is the Black Pitbull.

These are lovely creatures that are frequently chosen as pets by owners.

Despite the breed’s terrible reputation brought on by persistently unfavorable media coverage, brutal sports, and poor conduct, owners of black Pitbulls are aware of how much joy, happiness, and excitement they add to a person’s life.

They are the most well-liked variety of American Pit Bull available on the market because they are devoted, courageous, friendly, and likable to their owners.

The sole distinction between Black Pitbulls and other Pitbulls is their color; otherwise, they behave and seem exactly the same.

These canines were mostly utilized in combat because of their strong bodies and jaws, which could seriously harm their adversaries.

What is A Black Pitbull?

Numerous dog breeds like the American Pitbull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier can give birth to puppies that are wholly black or entirely white.

The Black Pitbull as his name suggests, is completely covered in a black coat, with no hints of any other colors on his body.

Although these dogs were bred for barbaric blood sports like bull baiting, bear baiting, and dog fighting, their customs are always changing.

People are starting to realize that even these dogs have a mellow side to them. The Black Pit moves with a smooth, quick, and springy gait that communicates the breed’s intrinsic confidence.

This dog enjoys both physical and mental challenges and is acutely aware of its environment. Also, they are quite trainable.They must display them for everyone to see! Finally, these dogs are making progress toward gaining the right to live as household pets.

As previously stated, the Black Pitbull belongs to the Pitbull and/or Terrier ancestry line. It is noteworthy, that there are more than one type of dog that goes by the name “Pitbull.”

“Pitbull” can mean:

  • American Pit bull Terriers
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • American Bully
  • Boston Terrier Pitbull Mix
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • American Bulldog

Black Pit bull Physical Basic Characteristics

Height14-21 inches (depends on the type of Pit bull)
Weight29-60 pounds
Life span13-15 years
Good withKids
TemperamentLoyal, affectionate, stubborn
IntelligenceAverage to high
Shedding amountLow to moderate
Exercise needsHigh
Energy levelHigh
Barking levelAverage
Drool amountAverage
Coat length/textureShort
ColorsBlack and white

Why Do Black People Like Pitbulls

Black people love the Black Pitbulls because they identify with their history/social life and gives them a sense of protection in the violent world.

In the late 20th century, as Black people migrated to historically white suburbs with their cherished Pitbulls, these communities turned to their politicians to ensure that Pitbulls wouldn’t threaten their way of life.

White suburban communities were alarmed by the negative stereotype of these dogs. The result of this politically motivated anxiety was the passage of breed-specific restrictions (BSL).

The Animal Center at Michigan State University Law School defines BSL as a law that targets one or more particular dog breeds. This style of legal framing targets canines with a poor public image, such as Pitbulls.

Pitbulls are popular among black people for much deeper reasons than just the color of their coats. They are one of the most loving dogs on planet earth.

Yet, it’s true that a lot of people go for Black Pitbulls because of the distinct beauty that comes with their hue.

But before you consider getting a Pitbull, you must first understand them. There are so many misconceptions about these dogs that they have been labeled as a nasty breed, even though this is untrue.

Black Pitbull Appearance

Contrary to popular belief, Black Pitbulls are not a particular breed of canine.

Two dog breeds; the American Pitbull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier, frequently produce all-black or all-black and white puppies.

Black Pitbulls are as their name suggests, entirely black on the inside and out. After being bred for blood sports like bull and bear baiting, they were initially intended for violent fighting.

Black Pitbulls were bred primarily for their guarding, driving livestock, and hunting instincts due to their size and ferocity. This dog is now a well-established member of the family.

The full-grown Black Pitbull measures 17 to 19 inches at the shoulder. The black eyes are widely spaced apart, the cheekbones are prominent, the head is large, and the jaws are sharply defined.

The Black Pit moves with a smooth, quick, and springy gait that communicates the breed’s intrinsic confidence.

This dog enjoys both physical and mental challenges and is acutely aware of its environment. Also, they are quite trainable.

Black Pitbull Personality and Temperament

Black Pitbulls have loving, devoted, and valiant characteristics. They are cheerful, upbeat, and self-assured.

Although they occasionally have tenacious tendencies, they can lose focus easily. So, it is best to begin training as soon as possible.

Black Pitbull Care

A solid-colored black Pitbull will flourish and prosper enormously when fed a well-balanced, nourishing diet, just like any other dog.

They should eat dog food that are suitable for their age, size, activity level, and preparation at home under the guidance of a qualified veterinarian or from a pet store.

Grooming and Maintenance

Black Pitbulls are quite simple to maintain in terms of grooming and general upkeep due to their short, rigid coat.

Use of a soft bristle brush to remove dirt, debris, and other foreign objects from the body once a week is all that is required for their good care. Seasonal shedding is typical, and using the right brushing techniques can assist the skin oil spread throughout the coat.

Cleansing the skin properly removes dirt and keeps it looking healthy and radiant. Since long nails are uncomfortable and might cause the dog serious problems while running or walking, regular nail clipping is necessary.

Health Care For Black Pitbull

With the exception of a few health-related disorders that afflict the majority of them, Black Pitbulls are generally healthy and energetic, which makes them a robust breed when compared to other breeds.

Hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, arthritis, heart disease, and allergies are some of the most common health issues that Black Pitbulls are likely to encounter during their lives.

The dog must be assessed for numerous medical concerns, fur allergies, and skin conditions by a licensed veterinarian, who the owner and caregiver must stay in touch with.

Their teeth should be periodically cleaned, much like those of other dog breeds, and their ears should be examined more frequently than usual.

In general, Black Pitbulls have good health. They may however, be susceptible to some health conditions that are widespread among dogs. They consist of:


Osteoarthritis is the term used to describe the condition in which a dog’s joints become inflamed as a result of cartilage degeneration. When a dog is ill, injured, aged, or subjected to repetitive stress, this syndrome develops. The spine and limbs are where it is most common.

Hip Dysplasia

When the thigh bones do not fit properly into the pelvic socket of the hip joint, hip dysplasia, a heritable disorder results.

Elbow Dysplasia

When the bones of the elbow joint are not properly aligned, elbow dysplasia takes place. Because of the misalignment, there is aberrant pressure at the joint, which leads to constant rubbing and severe osteoarthritis.

Cardiovascular Disease

Pitbulls are susceptible to inherited or congenital cardiovascular disorders. The following are some of the most typical cardiac conditions in Pit bulls:

●     arterial stenosis

●     malformed valves

●     Rhythmic irregularities in the heart


The disorder causes the eye lens to get cloudy, which might induce blindness. In order to rule out underlying illnesses including diabetes, hypocalcemia, and uveitis, a periodic examination is therefore required; however, if left untreated, cataracts should only be eliminated through surgery.

Black Pitbull Training

Similar to other dog breeds, early socialization, regular mixing, and positive training are advised for Black Pitbulls.

These canines should also possess great physical strength, incredible willpower, and exuberance in spades. The all-Black Pitbull requires a lot of exercise due to its athleticism and enthusiasm.

They are also people-oriented dogs and thrive when they are part of a family, therefore they shouldn’t be left outside by themselves.

Training the Black Pitbull is considerably more enjoyable and simple than training other breeds because of the breed’s intelligence and desire to please its owner.

With extended play and exercise sessions with the owner, his psychological and physical health will develop.

In addition, many Black Pitbulls participate in dog sports like dock diving, agility, and obedience. On the other side, some issues, such as gnawing and digging, could be challenging to address.

Black Pitbull Price


The cost of a Black Pitbull might vary depending on the dog’s pedigree. The best hope for getting a decent puppy at a reasonable price is to purchase from reputable dog breeders. Costs for a Black Pitbull puppy range from $200 to $500.

Nevertheless, be careful that Blue-nose Pitbulls are not substituted for the black kind while selling you Pitbulls. Breeders may sell such black Pitbull puppies for as much as $2,000 to $10,000 to pitbull fans who place a high value on a dog’s bloodline.

Is A Black Pitbull Right For You?

Black Pitbull dogs make intelligent, charming, devoted, and amiable companions. There is too much negativity surrounding these dogs, so one shouldn’t assume that they wouldn’t make good pets.

Pure black Pitbulls are just as wonderful as any other breed of dog, so you shouldn’t hesitate to get one if you like its black coat or any of its other characteristics. The Black Pit will behave well and get along with you and your family as long as you teach it from a young age.


Black Pitbulls are a joy to dog lovers because of basic unique characteristics they possess. Although they suffer unfavourable media projection majorly because of their history.

Nonetheless, they have been able to gain affirmation from reasonable carers as an intelligent, devoted, loyal, and sociable dog breed who make excellent friends for pet parents.