Pitbull Facts and Myths: Interesting Fun Facts First Time Pitbull Owners

Last Updated on: 9th May 2023, 01:46 am

Are you interested in getting a pitbull but scared about the reputation of this dog breed.

That is why I decided to ask first time pitbull owners about their experience with their dog.

Below are the answers I got.

I hope that based on this answers, you will be able to decide if a pitbull is right for you. And if you are still not sure, you can text this Pitbull Ownership Quiz to find out if you can own a pitbull.

Interesting Facts and Myths About Pitbull

1: She is incredibly snuggly. The Aussie likes space and the chew weenie likes to be riled up.

2: She listens and is eager to please. At the same time though she challenges my authority constantly. Ex) no don’t eat your brother’s kibble. She will still sneak the kibble until I become threatening at her with intense scolding. Not hitting. Scolding.

3: Has nesting behavior I am not thrilled about.

4: Hard to find options to socialize her. She is not aggressive but if around other dogs is reactive. Could be reactive to people. Have a muzzle for just in case situations. It’s pink and I’d probably use it for trips to petco.

5: Unfortunately because she is not my dog entirely yet bonded I can’t trust her around my roommates cat. Thankfully the cat has had a few close calls where kitty is close and the pitty hasn’t charged the cat. If the cat were to scratch or fight the cat is toast. Pitty doesn’t recognize her strength.

6: My Aussie is more prone to starting snack jealousy fights than the pitty. The Aussie sneaks in closer closer and then the pitty will go for it. The pitty actually trembles she doesn’t like to fight it honestly terrifies her and leaves her shaking. But the Aussie and pitty will go toes to toes about them chickens snacks. Luckily when they fight I have gotten myself into the middle of it. One time pitty accidentally bit the back of my arm I had a baseball size bruise for 3 weeks. I got into the middle of it the other day thankfully she didn’t hurt me when I broke up her and the Aussie. The Aussie got a bloody nose in December from the pitty but pitty was shaking like a leaf.

7: Pitty will need love after being shaken

8: Pitty is territorial. I have her dog bed in one spot in our small home. But she will be food protective of toys and bones and snacks in this area. Remote from her domain to neutral territory.

9: Tried playing ball with pitty today. Seems to enjoys those bacon squeaky balls. We got into a tug of war match. She would not listen to my command to bring or drop the ball. I dug my heels in. She dug hers in. She done tore that damn ball to shreds and neither of us were giving an inch. It was a battle of titans.

10: Don’t treat the dog as an aggressive breed. Respect their power. Dog aggression is more likely to be an issue than I was led to believe. Also, you can’t train it out of them. You can only find ways to manage it safely.

11: The intensity of the love and affection that they have for people. I’ve never known a large breed dog to just wanna lay on my chest and stare into my soul. At first it was SUPER creepy and it took a while to get used to.

12: How intelligent and eager to please they are. This has been the most trainable and biddable dog I’ve had in my life, by far.

13: That despite most of the pictures on pit subs being dogs napping peacefully on couches or snuggling in blanekts, the vast majority of them are not couch pitatoes. The ones that NEED exercise need a level that no amount of leash walking can touch. It wasn’t until I got a dog-powered treadmill and he could run like a maniac while pulling like the dickens for 20 minutes or so, that I started to see the dog that he could be.

14: I have two so they play and wear each other out. They definitely need multiple hours of outside time every day and long walks or runs multiple times a week. They also go to doggy daycare once a week. When I was not able to give that to them they were destructive and acting up.

15: Socialize early. Start training early. Do not leave toys laying about. Make sure your doggies know the toys come thru you. Make them sit or do a command before giving food or treats. Gentle redirection is best when correcting- give them something else to chew on/play with/be distracted by instead of just saying “no.” They are actually quite sensitive…yelling is not necessary and not helpful in correcting behavior. Make sure they get outside time and play time everyday. If they are worn out they are happy and great dogs. But they definitely need plenty of exercise. Using frozen Kongs filled with food/peanut butter or snuffle mats or food puzzle toys is good for wearing them out on rainy days. Make sure to give them some one on one attention everyday! They will reciprocate. They want to please and are very loyal if you treat them well.

16: Agree with this mostly. Having a pitty with multiple dogs is difficulty. They are very commend to please focused but demand a lot of one on one

17: Bought my dog a 40 dollar toy was suppose to be indestructible it was dead in a day. A family member gave one of those to my block head and it lasted 15 minutes. She took it back and showed the video to the shop and they refunded her money. Best thing I’ve found that last is antlers

18: My boy is an aggressive chewer and I have found the Kong toys to be the most durable for him. The Huggleshound collection on Amazon last a year or so…a couple of them that Santa brought show a little wear and tear but they are still in one piece lol. They come in adorable animal shapes.

19: Mine seem to love to chew on deer antlers and yak milk bones.

20: I learned based on having two that despite what people push some of these dogs actually love other dogs and may have a good temperament that males them very tolerant of other dogs acting badly ..I’ve had no issues of aggression or fights but I do avoid dog parks and the with untrained dogs You get what toy put in..they are very trusting and loving and loyal but you gotta earn that love. They are a strong but affectionate breed and they crave structure and routine

21: Cries and whines all the time! She is reactive to other dogs, I had assumed that it would manifest itself in an aggressive way because of her breed. Nope, she cries and whines when she sees other dogs. I always laughed at people who treat their dogs like babies, but my girl is a big whiny baby. Also snuggly and sweet, but a huge baby.

22: Whatever private space you had before is gone.

23: They are incredibly affectionate and snuggly. Also they are pretty amenable to their main humans routine (they will sleep in 🤣)

24: I guess I’d just say, nothing is 100% generalizable. They’re all individuals. Some are reactive, and some are like my girl: she got bitten by another dog (a purebred golden, lmfao) and just walked away

There you have it. A list of facts about pitbull that new owners have shared with us. Now, over to you. Are you ready to get your own first pitbull?

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