Pit Bull Bloodhound Mix: Breed Information, Characteristics and Facts

Last Updated on: 1st June 2023, 11:54 pm

Welcome to the fascinating world of the Pit Bull Bloodhound mix, a unique and lovable hybrid breed that combines the best of both worlds.

In this informative article, we will explore the physical characteristics, temperament, training needs, and suitability of this remarkable mixed breed as a family pet.

Discover the truth behind the stereotypes and misconceptions, as we guide you through understanding and caring for your very own Pit Bull Bloodhound mix.

What is a Pit Bull Bloodhound Mix?

A Pit Bull Bloodhound Mix is a hybrid breed created by crossing an American Pit Bull Terrier with a Bloodhound. This unique combination results in a dog that possesses the physical characteristics and temperament traits of both parent breeds. Known for their distinctive appearance and keen sense of smell, the Pit Bull Bloodhound Mix is a versatile and loyal companion, suitable for various types of households.

The History and Origin of the Pit Bull Bloodhound Mix

The Pit Bull Bloodhound Mix is a crossbreed between the American Pit Bull Terrier and the Bloodhound. To understand the origins of this unique hybrid, we must delve into the history of its parent breeds. 

American Pit Bull Terrier 

The American Pit Bull Terrier has its roots in 19th century England, Scotland, and Ireland. It was bred as a result of crossing the Old English Bulldog and Old English Terrier to create a strong and agile dog for bull-baiting and dog fighting. The breed’s popularity grew in the United States, where it was eventually refined into the American Pit Bull Terrier we know today. 


The Bloodhound is an ancient breed, with its origins dating back to the 7th century in Europe. Initially bred for hunting and tracking, the Bloodhound has an exceptional sense of smell, allowing it to track game over long distances. The breed eventually made its way to England, where it gained popularity among the nobility for its hunting prowess. 

As the popularity of designer breeds increased in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, breeders began crossing the American Pit Bull Terrier and the Bloodhound, resulting in the Pit Bull Bloodhound Mix. This hybrid breed combines the strength and athleticism of the American Pit Bull Terrier with the exceptional tracking skills and gentle nature of the Bloodhound, making it an appealing option for those seeking a versatile and affectionate companion.

Physical Characteristics of a Pit Bull Bloodhound Mix

A pit bull bloodhound mix is a unique hybrid breed that combines the strength and athleticism of the pit bull with the powerful scenting abilities of the bloodhound. The result is a dog that is both visually striking and highly functional. 

  • Size: This mix typically stands between 20 to 27 inches tall and weighs between 50 to 110 pounds, depending on the size of the parent breeds.
  • Appearance: The pit bull bloodhound mix usually has a muscular frame with a deep chest, long legs, and a broad head. The face often features the loose, wrinkled skin of the bloodhound, along with the signature long ears.
  • Coat: Their coat is generally short and dense, with colors ranging from red, brown, and black to various shades of brindle. Some may also have white markings on their chest, face, or paws.
  • Eyes: This mix often inherits the expressive, droopy eyes of the bloodhound, which can give them an endearing appearance.
  • Tail: The tail of a pit bull bloodhound mix is usually long and tapered, with a slight curve.

The Temperament of a Pit Bull Bloodhound Mix

The Pit Bull Bloodhound mix is a unique hybrid breed that inherits various traits from both its parent breeds, the loyal and affectionate Pit Bull and the gentle and devoted Bloodhound. This combination results in a dog with an interesting and often unpredictable temperament. 

Affectionate and Loyal 

Both Pit Bulls and Bloodhounds are known for their love and loyalty towards their family, and their mixed offspring are no exception. They form strong bonds with their owners, making them excellent companions and family pets. 

Intelligent and Independent 

This breed is highly intelligent and has a natural instinct for problem-solving, thanks to the Bloodhound’s keen sense of smell and the Pit Bull’s determination. However, they can also be quite independent, which may lead to stubbornness if not properly trained and socialized. 

Energy Levels and Playfulness 

Pit Bull Bloodhound mixes have moderate to high energy levels, requiring regular exercise and mental stimulation to keep them happy and healthy. Their playful nature makes them great candidates for fetch, tug-of-war, and other interactive games. 

Sensitivity and Adaptability 

These dogs can be sensitive to their owner’s emotions, which makes them excellent emotional support animals. They are also adaptable to various living situations, whether it’s a large home with a yard or an apartment in the city, as long as they receive adequate exercise and attention. 

Socialization and Training 

Early socialization and consistent training are crucial for Pit Bull Bloodhound mixes to ensure they develop into well-rounded, well-behaved pets. Positive reinforcement techniques work best with this breed, as they tend to respond well to praise and rewards.

Is a Pit Bull Bloodhound Mix a Good Family Pet?

When considering a pit bull bloodhound mix as a family pet, it is essential to understand the characteristics and temperament of this unique hybrid breed. Every dog is an individual, but keeping in mind the general traits of both parent breeds can offer valuable insights into their suitability as a family pet. 


Both pit bulls and bloodhounds are known for their loyalty, affection, and gentleness towards their family members. Pit bulls, in particular, have a reputation for being excellent with children, while bloodhounds are friendly and easygoing companions. The pit bull bloodhound mix, therefore, is likely to inherit these positive traits, making them a loving and devoted addition to the family. 

Energy Levels and Exercise Needs 

This hybrid breed will typically have moderate to high energy levels, requiring regular exercise and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. Families who enjoy an active lifestyle and can provide plenty of interactive playtime, walks, and outdoor activities will find the pit bull bloodhound mix to be an excellent fit. 

Training and Socialization 

Early socialization and consistent, positive reinforcement-based training are crucial for any dog, and the pit bull bloodhound mix is no exception. Both parent breeds are intelligent and eager to please, making them highly trainable. Establishing a strong bond and setting clear boundaries from the start will ensure a well-behaved and balanced family pet. 

Size and Living Space 

The pit bull bloodhound mix can range from medium to large size, depending on the specific traits inherited from their parent breeds. It is essential to consider the space available in your home and ensure you can provide a comfortable and safe environment for your pet to grow and thrive. 

Training Needs of a Pit Bull Bloodhound Mix

Training a pit bull bloodhound mix can be both a rewarding and challenging experience as they are intelligent and eager to learn, but can also be stubborn at times. Here are some key training aspects to consider: 

  • Start Early: Begin training and socialization as early as possible, ideally when the dog is still a puppy. This will help them become well-adjusted and obedient adults.
  • Consistency: Consistency is crucial when training this breed. Make sure to use the same commands and techniques to avoid confusion and promote a clear understanding of expectations.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Reward your pit bull bloodhound mix with praise, treats, or playtime when they follow commands or exhibit desired behaviors. This will encourage them to repeat those actions in the future.
  • Obedience Training: Teaching your dog basic obedience commands such as “sit,” “stay,” and “come” will help establish a strong foundation for further training and good behavior.
  • Leash Training: As both pit bulls and bloodhounds have strong instincts to follow scents and chase, it’s essential to teach your dog to walk on a leash without pulling.
  • Addressing Potential Issues: Since pit bull bloodhound mixes may inherit some temperament traits from their parent breeds, it’s important to address any issues, such as excessive barking or possessiveness, early in the training process.

Remember, patience and persistence are essential when training a pit bull bloodhound mix. With proper training and socialization, these dogs can become loyal and well-behaved companions.

Grooming and Care for a Pit Bull Bloodhound Mix

When it comes to grooming and care, the Pit Bull Bloodhound mix requires a moderate level of maintenance due to their unique coat and skin needs. 

Coat and Brushing 

These dogs typically have a short, dense coat that benefits from regular brushing. Use a soft-bristle brush or a grooming glove at least once a week to keep their coat healthy and free of dead hair. 

Bathing and Skin Care 

Due to the Bloodhound’s predisposition to skin issues, it’s important to monitor your Pit Bull Bloodhound mix’s skin closely. Bathe them once every 4-6 weeks using a gentle, hypoallergenic shampoo to prevent skin irritation. 

Ear Care 

Pit Bull Bloodhound mixes may inherit the long, floppy ears of the Bloodhound, which can be prone to infections. Check their ears regularly for any signs of redness, odor, or discharge, and clean them gently with a dog-specific ear cleaning solution and cotton balls. 

Nail Trimming 

Keep your dog’s nails trimmed to prevent overgrowth and potential injury. Trim their nails every 3-4 weeks or as needed, using a dog nail clipper or grinder. 

Dental Care 

Regular dental care is essential for maintaining your Pit Bull Bloodhound mix’s overall health. Brush their teeth at least 2-3 times a week using a dog toothpaste and a soft-bristle toothbrush. 

In conclusion, providing proper grooming and care for your Pit Bull Bloodhound mix will help to ensure their overall health and happiness. By maintaining a consistent grooming routine, you can prevent common issues and enjoy a well-groomed, happy companion.

Common Health Issues of a Pit Bull Bloodhound Mix

While the Pit Bull Bloodhound mix is generally a healthy breed, they can be prone to certain health issues inherited from their parent breeds. Being aware of these common health concerns can help you provide the best care for your furry companion. 

1. Hip Dysplasia 

This genetic condition is common in both Pit Bulls and Bloodhounds, and occurs when the hip joint doesn’t fit properly into the hip socket. This can lead to arthritis, pain, and mobility issues. 

2. Bloat 

Also known as gastric torsion, this life-threatening condition affects deep-chested dogs like the Bloodhound. Bloat occurs when the stomach twists on itself, cutting off blood supply and causing rapid deterioration if not treated urgently. 

3. Ear Infections 

Bloodhounds are known for their long, floppy ears, which can create a warm, moist environment for bacteria and yeast to thrive. Pit Bull Bloodhound mixes may be more prone to ear infections, so regular ear cleaning is essential. 

4. Allergies 

Both Pit Bulls and Bloodhounds can suffer from allergies, which may manifest as skin irritations, itching, or respiratory issues. Keep an eye out for signs of allergies and consult your veterinarian for appropriate treatment options. 

5. Heart Disease 

Heart issues, such as aortic stenosis and mitral valve disease, can affect both parent breeds. Regular check-ups with your veterinarian can help detect and manage any heart-related issues early on. 

While these health concerns may seem daunting, providing a loving home, regular veterinary care, and a balanced diet can help your Pit Bull Bloodhound mix live a long, healthy life.

Choosing the Right Pit Bull Bloodhound Mix Puppy for Your Family

When selecting a Pit Bull Bloodhound mix puppy for your family, there are several important factors to consider. By taking the time to carefully evaluate these aspects, you will be better prepared to find the perfect furry friend for your household. 

Assessing Your Family’s Needs 

  • Activity Level: Consider your family’s lifestyle and energy levels. Pit Bull Bloodhound mixes can be energetic and require regular exercise, so it is crucial to ensure that your family can meet the dog’s needs.
  • Space Requirements: These dogs can grow to be quite large, so make sure you have enough space in your home and yard to accommodate their size.
  • Children and Other Pets: Pit Bull Bloodhound mixes can be great with children and other pets if properly socialized. However, assess your family’s current dynamics and ensure that a new pet would fit in harmoniously.

Researching Breeders and Shelters 

It is essential to find a reputable breeder or shelter when looking for a Pit Bull Bloodhound mix puppy. Researching the breeder’s or shelter’s background, reviews, and practices will help you ensure that you are getting a healthy and well-cared-for puppy. Remember: Adopting from a shelter can be a great option, as you are providing a loving home for a dog in need.

Evaluating the Puppy’s Health and Temperament 

When meeting a potential Pit Bull Bloodhound mix puppy, pay close attention to its health and temperament. A healthy puppy should have clear eyes, a clean coat, and a good appetite. Observe the puppy’s behavior and interaction with its littermates and humans. This can give you an idea of whether the puppy has a friendly and sociable temperament, which is essential for a family pet. 

Preparing Your Home for Your New Puppy 

Before bringing your new Pit Bull Bloodhound mix puppy home, make sure to prepare your house and family for the arrival of your new furry friend. This includes puppy-proofing your home, setting up a designated space for your new pet, and discussing responsibilities with family members.

Introducing Your Pit Bull Bloodhound Mix to Other Pets

Integrating your Pit Bull Bloodhound mix with other pets in your household can be a smooth process if approached carefully and patiently. These tips will help ensure a successful introduction: 

  1. Prepare a neutral space: Choose a location outside of your home where neither pet has established territory, such as a park or a friend’s yard.
  2. Keep them on a leash: Initially, keep both the Pit Bull Bloodhound mix and the other pet on a leash to maintain control and prevent any aggressive behavior.
  3. Allow them to observe each other: Give both pets time to get acquainted by allowing them to observe each other from a safe distance before getting closer.
  4. Gradually decrease the distance: Slowly bring the pets closer together, monitoring their reactions and ensuring they remain calm.
  5. Encourage positive associations: Reward good behavior with treats and praise to create a positive association between the pets.
  6. Supervise interactions: Always supervise the pets during initial interactions and intervene if any signs of aggression arise.
  7. Take it slow: Introductions should be gradual, and it may take several meetings before the pets are comfortable with each other. Patience is key.

By following these steps, you’ll increase the likelihood of a harmonious relationship between your Pit Bull Bloodhound mix and other pets in your home.

Final Thoughts:

The pit bull bloodhound mix is a fascinating and lovable hybrid breed, offering the best of both worlds with its unique blend of physical characteristics and temperament. As a prospective owner, you can expect a loyal, intelligent, and affectionate companion that can adapt well to various lifestyles.

So, if you’re ready to welcome this amazing mixed breed into your life, be prepared to embark on a rewarding journey filled with love, adventure, and unforgettable memories. Happy tails!

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