Pit Bull Hound Dog Mix: A Complete Breed Guide

Last Updated on: 28th July 2023, 07:43 am

So, you’re curious about the Pit Bull Hound mix – a unique blend of sass, strength, and undeniable charm. This hybrid pup, a delightful cocktail of the courageous Pit Bull and the scent-savvy Hound, is as intriguing as loveable.

Buckle up, my friend, because we’re about to take a thrilling deep dive into the world of this captivating canine combo.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Pit Bull Hound mix is a strong, energetic breed that requires plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.
  • They are known for their loyalty and protective nature, making them excellent family dogs.
  • Like all breeds, they have their unique health considerations, but with proper care and regular veterinary check-ups, they can lead a full and healthy life.
  • Societal perceptions may sometimes cast a shadow, but these dogs are far from the negative stereotypes. They are loving, intelligent, and deserving of a loving home.

A Brief History of Pit Bulls and Hound Dogs

When we trace the lineage of the Pit Bull Hound mix, we find two breeds with a rich, albeit contrasting, history. The Pit Bull considered a ‘power breed’, originates from 19th century England, while the Hound dog is a more diverse family, tracing its roots back to several ancient civilizations. 

The Pit Bull: 

These dogs were initially bred for bull-baiting, a brutal sport popular in England during the 1800s. After this practice was outlawed, breeders emphasized their strengths – resilience, tenacity, and muscular prowess, leading to their use as farm dogs and, later, family pets.

The Hound Dog: 

Hound dogs, however, can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks. Known for their exceptional hunting abilities, this group of dogs was bred for tracking games. Over centuries, diverse hound breeds have emerged, each with unique traits fine-tuned for specific hunting roles.

Given this lineage, the Pit Bull Hound mix is a fascinating blend of strength, resilience, and keen instincts.

Physical Characteristics and Appearance of the Pit Bull Hound Dog Mix

The Pit Bull Hound mix results from breeding a Pit Bull Terrier and a Hound breed, which leads to a unique blend of physical traits from both parents. This dog has a sturdy, muscular build, much like its Pit Bull parent, and often inherits the lean and agile shape of the Hound. 

Note: As with all mixed breeds, the physical characteristics of a Pit Bull Hound mix can vary widely, with some leaning more towards the Pit Bull side and others favoring the Hound parent. Therefore, each dog is truly one-of-a-kind!

Let’s dive into more specific physical attributes: 

  • Size: Generally, a Pit Bull Hound mix will stand between 17 to 27 inches in height and weigh anywhere from 30 to 85 pounds. This range is extensive due to the diversity of Hound breeds that can be involved in the mix.
  • Coat: Typically, their coat can be short to medium length, depending on the Hound breed. They can come in various colors, including brindle, black, white, brown, and combinations.
  • Ears: They usually inherit the iconic droopy ears from their Hound parent, adding charm to their overall appearance.

The table below gives a summary: 

Size17 to 27 inches in height, 30 to 85 pounds in weight
CoatShort to medium length, various colors
EarsTypically droopy

Maintaining their physical health through regular exercise and a balanced diet is essential. This will ensure your Pit Bull Hound mix looks its best and feels its best too!

Temperament: What to Expect from Your Pit Bull Hound Dog Mix

Imagine having a furry friend who’s a cocktail of loyalty, intelligence, and playful energy. That’s a pit bull hound mix for you! Given its dynamic personality traits, this mixed breed can bring countless joy-filled moments into your life. 

First and foremost, loyalty is one of their most distinguished characteristics. These dogs are known for their unwavering faithfulness toward their families, making them cherished companions. 

Next on the list is their intelligence. The pit bull hound mix benefits from the intelligent genes of both the pit bull and the hound, making them quick learners and responsive to training. 

  • Their smartness can be a double-edged sword, though, as it requires constant mental stimulation to prevent boredom.
  • Providing them with puzzle toys or engaging them in brain-stimulating games can be a great way to keep their intellect satisfied.

Finally, let’s not forget their playfulness! Like a child filled with boundless energy, these dogs love to play and stay active. They enjoy a good game of fetch, a long walk, or simple playtime with their favorite chew toys. 

Their playful nature makes them a perfect companion for those who lead an active lifestyle.

Yet, despite their active nature, these dogs also know when to tone it down. They can be quite mellow and enjoy relaxing with their family. 

All in all, the temperament of a pit bull hound mix is a harmonious blend of loyalty, intelligence, and playfulness, with a sprinkle of calmness. They are devoted, intelligent, active yet composed dogs that can adapt well to different lifestyles. 

Training and Exercise for Your Pit Bull Hound Dog Mix

Like its parent breeds, the Pit Bull Hound Mix is an active, energetic dog with a love for exercise. This breed requires a lot of training and physical activity to keep it physically fit and mentally stimulated. 


Training a Pit Bull Hound mix can be a fun, rewarding experience. This breed is known for its intelligence and eagerness to learn, which makes it a prime candidate for obedience training. Consider the following tips when training your Pit Bull Hound Mix: 

  • Start training as early as possible. Puppies are more receptive to training cues and are less likely to have developed bad habits.
  • Keep sessions short and interesting. This breed has a short attention span and is likelier to respond well to brief, entertaining training sessions.
  • Be consistent with commands. Consistent commands can make it easier for your dog to understand and follow them.
  • Use positive reinforcement. Rewards, treats, and praise can make training a much more enjoyable experience for you and your dog.


A Pit Bull Hound Mix is a high-energy breed that requires regular exercise to stay healthy and happy. Here’s a quick guide to keeping your Pit Bull Hound Mix physically active: 

  • Take your dog for daily walks or runs. This provides physical exercise and allows your dog to explore its environment.
  • Engage in playtime. Games like fetch, tug-of-war, or agility training can be a great way to burn off your dog’s excess energy.
  • Provide mental stimulation. Puzzle toys, obedience training, or hide-and-seek can keep your dog entertained and mentally engaged.

Note: Always remember that over-exercising can lead to health issues. Providing your Pit Bull Hound Mix with rest periods between activities is essential.

Health Considerations for the Pit Bull Hound Dog Mix

Like any breed, the Pit Bull Hound mix has its potential health issues to consider. While this breed is generally healthy and robust, certain medical conditions are more prevalent due to their genetic makeup. 

Common Health Concerns: 

  • Hip Dysplasia: This is common in many dog breeds, including the Pit Bull and Hound breeds. It’s a hereditary condition where the thighbone doesn’t fit snugly into the hip joint, causing pain and mobility issues.
  • Heart Disease: Both the Pit Bull and Hound breeds are susceptible to various types of heart disease, which can also concern their mixed-breed offspring.
  • Allergies can be food or environmental and manifest as skin conditions or digestive issues.
  • Hypothyroidism: This condition, characterized by an underactive thyroid gland, can lead to obesity, lethargy, and other health problems.

Note: Regular vet check-ups and a healthy lifestyle can help prevent many of these issues and keep your Pit Bull Hound mix in the best possible health.

Life Expectancy: 

The typical lifespan for a Pit Bull Hound mix is around 10-15 years. However, some can live even longer with reasonable care and regular veterinary check-ups. 

Genetic testing and choosing a reputable breeder who tests their breeding dogs for common breed-specific disorders can help you avoid or prepare for future health issues.

Pit Bull Hound Dog Mix and Society: Breaking the Stigma

Let’s start a conversation about the Pit Bull Hound mix, a breed often misunderstood due to societal stigma. This stigma, primarily fueled by media portrayals, has led to unfortunate misconceptions about these dogs. 

However, it’s crucial to remember that every dog, regardless of breed or mix, is unique in its own right. Here are a few points to consider: 

  • Individual Variation: Like people, dogs are individuals. While certain traits may be shared within a breed, individual variation within a breed can be more significant than between species.
  • Effects of Training: A dog’s behavior is significantly influenced by its upbringing and training. Therefore, any dog, regardless of breed, can be sweet, loving, and well-behaved with proper socialization and training.

Around the world, many communities have started to realize this and are breaking away from breed-specific legislation. Instead, they’re focusing on promoting responsible pet ownership for all breeds. 

So, when looking at the Pit Bull Hound mix, let’s peel away the societal perceptions and look at the dog standing before us. This beautiful breed mix has much to offer, and as potential dog parents, let’s dive deeper.

Is a Pit Bull Hound Dog Mix Right for You? Factors to Consider

Deciding whether to invite a Pit Bull Hound mix into your family is a choice not to be taken lightly. This unique combination of breeds brings together the tenacity of the Pit Bull and the scent-driven nature of the Hound to create a dog that is as intriguing as it is adorable. However, there are numerous factors to consider before committing. 


Firstly, your lifestyle is of paramount importance. These dogs typically require a significant amount of exercise and mental stimulation. Do you have the time and energy to dedicate to your new four-legged friend? 

  • Exercise: Pit Bull Hound mixes need at least an hour each day. This can include walks, runs, or even playtime in the backyard.
  • Mental Stimulation: These dogs are intelligent and curious, so puzzle toys and training sessions are key to keeping them happy and well-behaved.


Secondly, consider your living situation. This mix can range from medium to large in size, so a decent amount of living space is preferable. 

“Remember, a tired dog is a good dog. Ensuring your Pit Bull Hound mix has sufficient space to move and play can help reduce potential behavioral issues.”


Lastly, consider the socialization aspect. Are there other pets in the house? Do you have small children? Early socialization and gentle handling are crucial for this breed mix to ensure they get along with everyone in the household. 

LifestyleExercise and stimulation needs
SpaceSize of living area
SocializationOther household members and pets

By considering these factors, you can decide whether a Pit Bull Hound mix would be a good fit for your family and lifestyle.

Choosing a Pit Bull Hound Dog Mix: Where to Find Your Perfect Companion

Welcoming a Pit Bull Hound mix into your family is a rewarding journey. But first, you need to know where to find your furry friend. Let’s embark on this exciting quest together! 

Rescue Shelters: 

Rescue shelters are a fantastic place to find Pit Bull Hound mixes needing a loving home. Not only will you be giving a second chance to a furry friend, but you’ll also be making a statement against puppy mills and unethical breeders.

Breed-Specific Rescues: 

Many rescue organizations focus specifically on certain breeds or mixed breeds. These organizations are generally run by enthusiasts knowledgeable about the breed. They can be a great resource for first-time owners.

Online Platforms: 

  • Adopt-a-Pet.com: This website allows you to search for a specific breed and will provide you with a list of animals available for adoption in your area.
  • PetFinder.com: Similar to Adopt-a-Pet, PetFinder allows users to filter search results based on breed, age, size, and gender.

Professional Breeders: 

When dealing with breeders, it’s essential to ensure they are reputable and humane. Look for transparent breeders about their breeding practices, offer health guarantees, and allow you to meet the puppy’s parents.

Regardless of where you find your Pit Bull Hound mix, the most important thing is that they are healthy, happy, and well-cared for. Remember, adoption is a lifelong commitment that comes with immense rewards. So, choose wisely and embrace the journey of companionship.

Caring for Your Pit Bull Hound Dog Mix: Tips and Tricks for Optimal Health and Happiness

Enveloped in a package of boundless energy and strength is a Pit Bull Hound dog mix, a breed as unique as they come. This vigorous hybrid blends the loyal Pit Bull and the agile Hound, preparing a lovable companion for the next adventure. But how do you ensure your furry friend stays happy and healthy? Let’s dive in! 

Proper Nutrition 

A balanced diet is crucial for your Pit Bull Hound mix’s health. These dogs are active and muscular, so they’ll need a protein-rich diet to support muscle development and energy. 

  • Protein: Look for a dog food that lists a high-quality source of animal protein as the first ingredient.
  • Fats: Healthy fats like fish oil can help keep your dog’s coat shiny and skin healthy.
  • Carbohydrates: Complex carbs provide steady energy. Avoid foods with simple sugars and excess filler.

Regular Exercise 

Known for their high energy levels, Pit Bull Hound mixes need plenty of physical stimulation to stay happy and fit. Regular walks, playtime in the yard, and structured activities like agility training can be great outlets for their energy. 

Mental Stimulation 

Don’t forget about their intellectual needs! Engage your pup’s mind with puzzle toys, obedience training, and interactive games. This can help prevent boredom and promote good behavior. 

Grooming Needs 

Your Pit Bull Hound mix will have a short coat that’s relatively easy to maintain. Regular brushing will help to keep their coat healthy and shiny, while regular baths will keep them smelling fresh. 

Regular Vet Checkups 

Regular vet checkups are vital for monitoring your pet’s health and catching potential issues early. Your vet can also guide diet and exercise to help your dog live a long, happy life. 

Remember, every dog is unique! What works for one Pit Bull Hound mix might not work for another. Constantly tailor your care to meet the specific needs of your furry friend.


 The final analysis, the Pit Bull Hound mix is a breed teeming with personality, charm, and a whole lot of love. This mixed breed is a testament to diversity’s beauty, combining the Pit Bull’s energetic nature with the sensitive soul of the Hound. They are an excellent choice for active individuals and families with time to devote to their canine companions.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an active, loyal, and intelligent breed, the Pit Bull Hound mix might be the perfect fit for you. Just remember, every dog deserves to be understood and loved for its unique qualities. Don’t let stereotypes guide your judgment. After all, it’s not just a breed; it’s a lifelong friend. 

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