Pit Bull Wolf Mix: Everything You Need to Know

Last Updated on: 27th January 2024, 09:04 am

Dogs and wolves are closely related, with 98–99% of their DNA shared. While pit bulls are recognized for being powerful, devoted, and protective, wolves are wild creatures with strong instincts for survival and hunting. 

There is a theory that dogs descended from wolves. A pitbull wolf mix, commonly called a wolf hybrid, can inherit a mix of traits from both breeds.

However, do you think the pitbull-wolf mix is ethical?

Does it even exist?

This curiosity is interesting, let’s find out together.

History and Origins of a Pitbull Wolf Mix

The hybrids of wolves and dogs, known as wolfdogs, began to gain immense popularity in the early 1900s. These blends are made from wolves of the Ethiopian, red, eastern, and gray varieties. So one of these wolves would be in the mix if you were planning to get a wolfdog.

These dogs have 99% of the same DNA, making them interfertile. This implies that, among other things, you should anticipate parallels in terms of appearance, life expectancy, and build. despite this, combining wolves and dogs has gained controversy at the same time considering they are predators. There have been stories in the US of wolfdogs endangering human and pet lives. This is why you might want to reconsider getting a Pitbull wolf mix if you are not very experienced in dog training.

Theoretically, if the mother were a wolf and the father a Pitbull, a hybrid between the two might be feasible. Although a few people have claimed to have a hybrid, there is currently no known hybrid in existence, and no DNA test has ever been conducted to support such a claim.

Characteristics of a Pitbull Wolf Mix

If you want to adopt a pitbull wolf mix, you should be aware that wolves are erratic wild creatures that can be challenging to train. However, Pitbulls are often kind and enjoy spending time with people! Despite having a negative reputation for liking to bite, this breed of dog is easily trained and makes good companions.

A Pitbull Wolf mix’s physical attributes and temperament can differ greatly depending on its particular dog’s DNA. While some could resemble pit bulls more, others might resemble wolves. Their coats can be long or short, and they range in size from medium to large.

If you don’t want to jeopardize the lives of the puppies and people nearby, you might want to rethink before choosing to buy a pitbull-wolf mix. In all honesty, mixing a wolf with a Pitbull isn’t necessarily the best choice of mixed breed you could come up with. 

Here are a few important characteristics to note:

  1. Size:

The size of a pitbull wolf mix might differ from dog to dog, even in the same breed. Adult Wolves typically weigh between 50 and 180 pounds, while Pitbulls typically weigh between 30 and 60 pounds when they reach maturity. A wolf’s average height is 31 to 34 inches, while a pitbull’s normal height is 18 to 21 inches. Wolf-dog hybrids, on the other hand, can range in height from 26 to 34 inches. Therefore, it’s easier to predict the size of a pitbull-wolf mix if you know the specific breeds involved.

  1. Temperament:

A pitbull-wolf mix’s temperament can be erratic and differs from dog to dog. According to experts, it’s not usually the best idea to combine a pit bull and a wolf for a mixed breed based on temperamental concerns. Pitbulls, on the other hand, are known to be incredibly well-mannered and loving toward their human caretakers. On the other hand, wolf hybrids can have unpredictable, erratic personalities.  Also, recognizing that dogs and wolves can mate and produce healthy puppies is crucial and without knowing the precise breeds involved, it’s difficult to predict how a pitbull wolf mix will act.

  1. Adoption Rate:

It can be challenging to adopt a pitbull-wolf mix because of their temperamental unpredictability. Training wolves is said to be difficult since wolves are erratic in the wild. Nonetheless, there are organizations like the Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary, Wolf Creek Dog Rescue, and Shy Wolf Sanctuary that focus on the adoption and rescue of wolfdogs. It’s important to keep in mind that many organizations have unique requirements for adopters, including the need for significant wolfdog expertise. 

Additionally, before thinking about adoption, it’s important to research local laws as some places have restrictions on keeping wolf hybrids as pets. There may be some difficulties for the dog parent raising a mixed breed in places where it is prohibited. That being said, you should keep in mind that exposure and location are two crucial elements to take into account if you choose to adopt a pitbull-wolf mix.

  1. Lifespan:

The lifespan of a pitbull wolf mix can vary depending on the specific breeds involved. There is proof that wolves can live up to eighteen years in captivity. A wolf hybrid’s expected lifespan is typically 12 to 18 years. Pitbulls live for eight to fifteen years on average. Therefore, it makes sense to assume that a hybrid dog that is half pitbull and half wolf will reside anywhere in between these ranges. It’s important to remember that a dog’s lifetime is influenced by many things, such as breed, diet, exercise, and general medical attention.

  1. Price:

The specific breeds involved and the location of the dog’s purchase may have an impact on the cost of a pitbull-wolf mix. Also, owning a wolf dog may include extra costs on food, vet care, and training. It’s important to keep in mind that you should only purchase wolf dog/pitbull hybrids from reputable breeders or rescue organizations. When deciding to get a pitbull wolf mix, it’s also a good idea to check local laws as they may be prohibited in some areas.

Care and Maintenance of a Pitbull Wolf Mix

There are a few things you need to know before getting a pitbull-wolf mix, but the most crucial one is what food the puppy should be fed. You should be knowledgeable about the proper nutrition for a puppy in case you decide to combine these two breeds, even though it may not be the finest choice.

Having said that, it is also important to note that a Pitbull wolf mix may not always eat regular dog food. The hybrid breed will be more likely to consume raw meat, which is what wolves often eat. If you want to maintain your wolfdog healthy and in excellent condition, you’ll be feeding it many pounds of meat every day!

A Pitbull wolf mix has to exercise for a minimum of three to four hours per day, which is a very large quantity! The last thing you want is for this mixed breed to grow even more vicious because it doesn’t perform well in small spaces. Having said that, there should be enough room in the dog house for the hybrid to feel cozy and safe.

Training and Socialization of a Pitbull Wolf Mix

It’s important to keep in mind that your Pitbull wolf mix will need regular training and exercise just like any other dog.  Therefore, training it may become more challenging if you live in a small location with little room for it to run around. 

Also, these dogs are unsuitable for first-time owners due to their unique needs and peculiar temperaments. Before bringing a Pitbull wolf mix into your house, it’s a good idea to check local laws because ownership of these dogs is restricted in some states.

You don’t want your pet to grow aggressive toward people as these breeds are naturally fond of biting. So, starting at a young age, you must expose it to a lot of training extensively. Additionally, you may eventually come to understand that this breed is not a great indoor pet.

Health Considerations of a Pitbull Wolf Mix

It is crucial to understand that adopting a Wolf Dog Pitbull mix can be difficult and requires careful planning and study to ensure optimal health management. 

In addition, a Pitbull wolf mix will require different vitamins to maintain good health. Alfalfa, glucosamine, and the vitamins A, B, C, D, and E are a few of these. Giving your mixed-breed dog these nutrients will help prevent common dog issues including arthritis, indigestion, and skin irritation.

Additionally, maintaining the mixed breed’s health will enable it to live a long and healthy life. when the social and behavioral needs of a pitbull-wolf mix are not being met, this results in an extremely low quality of life.

Legal and Ethical Considerations  of a Pitbull Wolf Mix

Adopting a Pitbull-wolf mix may put you in violation of the law. As such, you should exercise extra caution if you intend to acquire this hybrid or if you think of combining these two dog breeds.

A wolfdog, much less a Pitbull wolf mix, is illegal to own in the majority of US states. Since wolves are an endangered species, laws are in place to make sure they are preserved and protected.

If you owned a pitbull wolf mix, you can only imagine what would happen considering wolfdogs are prohibited in most states. Furthermore, several states have laws that require the illegal ownership of mixed breeds to end in euthanasia. This will be detrimental to the owner as well as the dog.

Therefore, make sure you thoroughly examine the current state rules before deciding to buy a pitbull wolf mix in your community. As was previously mentioned, there is no proof that anyone owns a mixed breed of Pitbull and wolf. That being said, owning a puppy of this breed might not even be morally acceptable. It is impossible that these breeds would naturally want to mate at first based on their differences. 

Of course, if necessary, you could think about artificial insemination. But to what extent are you prepared to accept the risks? Since no cases of this kind have been reported yet, you might wish to avoid taking this step before endangering both the puppies and your own lives. In addition, wolves are naturally predatory animals. Raising a hybrid like this could therefore be dangerous if they don’t receive the right instruction early on.

Furthermore, it may not be morally right to even entertain the idea of raising a mix of these breeds in the first place. The explanation is obvious: these two dogs differ not just in size but also in disposition and overall health. Therefore, it could be impossible to raise a healthy puppy from a Pitbull wolf mix.

Top FAQs on Pitbull Wolf Mix Answered

1: What are the alternatives for a pitbull-wolf mix?

You might think about breeding a hybrid Pitbull that might have some wolf DNA with a wolf. For example, there are mixes of Pitbulls with German Shepherds, Huskies, and Alaskan Malamutes. These hybrids are the best for cross-breeding and don’t endanger the progeny. 

2: Is it ethical to mix a wolf with a pit bull?

There is no proof of anyone owning a wolf-pitbull mix. Having said that, it is also unethical in some states.

3: How do you identify a wolf hybrid?

We can use certain behavioral and physical characteristics to identify a wolf hybrid. Wolf hybrids may have a wolf-like appearance, with a larger head, longer legs, and a straight tail. They may also engage in more wolf-like activities including howling, burrowing, and scent marking.

4: Is owning a pitbull wolf mix safe?

Any dog mixed with a wolf can be extremely dangerous and should not be attempted by inexperienced dog owners. Wolf dogs are tough to socialize due to their unpredictable temperament. Wolfs, by nature, push the boundaries of their pack leader. The pack leader/Alpha dog is in charge in the wild. whether you own a wolf-dog, you are supposedly the pack leader, but they will regularly test you to determine whether they can take over as pack leader. This results in hostility and the possibility of being bitten or scratched.

5: What are the challenges one could face having a pitbull-wolf mix in the house?

Due to wolves’ innate tendency to compete for position, if you have children or other family members, your wolfdog may act aggressively toward them. Certain wolf dogs can be socialized, but doing so requires a lifetime commitment, and the dog’s temperament will ultimately determine whether or not it succeeds.

6: What are the best pitbull mixes that look like wolves?

The best alternatives would be Pitbull mixes that appear to have wolves in them, like a Pitbull German Shepherd mix (German Pit), a Pitbull Alaskan Malamute mix (Malimute Pit), and a  Pitbull Siberian Husky mix (Pitsky).

7: What type of space is recommended for a pitbull-wolf mix?

This mixed breed does not do well in cramped settings, so the last thing you want is for it to become even more violent. Nevertheless, there ought to be ample space in the dog home for the hybrid to feel secure and comfortable.

8: How long do wolf mix dogs live?

Wolf-dog hybrids typically live 12 to 14 years, just like regular dogs. However unfavorable living circumstances, including an unhealthy diet or insufficient exercise, can cause these dogs to die much earlier.

9: What type of diet do you feed a pitbull wolf mix?

Wolfdogs need a more restricted diet, in contrast to dogs that are known to eat nearly whatever you put on their plate. Since they are mostly carnivorous creatures, their diet should primarily consist of raw meat, bones, and nutritional supplements. 

10: What is the size of a pitbull-wolf mix?

Pitbull-wolf mixes are similar in size to large dogs, though this can vary depending on their ancestry. As wolfdogs need wide enclosures and a lot of exercise, this unfortunately adds even another challenge to owning one.

11: Are pitbull wolf mixes healthier than pitbulls?

Dogs and wolves are susceptible to similar infectious diseases. Regarding wolves and some hybrids, there can be concerns about the effectiveness of standard dog vaccinations.

12: Will a pitbull wolf mix make a better guard dog?

Wolf hybrids typically don’t make good guard dogs because of their shy nature. 


Wolves require a lot of attention and engagement from their pack because they are sociable animals by nature. As a result, a pitbull wolf mix owner is subject to this expectation. Prospective hybrid owners need to understand the differences between the wolf and the domestic dog to train their “pet” from exhibiting uncontrollable behavioral tendencies.

A pitbull wolf mix with a higher content of wolf is less likely to be kept as a house pet and will need specialized housing, care, and socialization. Legal concerns also need to be taken into consideration in addition to the knowledge that some veterinarians may not be willing to treat the breed if the rabies vaccination is not authorized for them.

Human safety is also in danger when any animal, domestic or wild, is kept in unsuitable settings for its physical and emotional needs. This risk may nearly always be avoided by taking the necessary precautions before acquiring a pitbull wolf mix and by providing it with competent care throughout its life.

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