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Last Updated on: 26th May 2023, 12:59 pm

Welcome to our dog helpful resources center. Here we share a list of all the best important articles, tools and information you need to know about your pitbull.

Even though we are committed to sharing what we know, we understand that we can’t cover it all. And because we spend a lot of time online, in vet hospitals, conferences and speaking with pet owners such as you, sometimes we come around resources we didnt cover but we know that it is so valuable that we can’t resist sharing it with you.

That is what gave birth to our resource center.

I hope you enjoy it and find it so useful that you bookmark it. And yes, if you come across a resource you think we and other pet owners should be aware of, let us know through this email and we will evaluate it for considertion in this section.

Thank you

Recommended Pitbull Products:

In this section, you will find a curated list of recommended products specifically tailored for pitbulls. These include high-quality dog food, durable toys, comfortable bedding, grooming supplies, and other essentials that will help you provide the best care for your pitbull.

General Info:

Here, you will find valuable general information about pitbulls, including their history, breed characteristics, and common misconceptions. This section will help you understand the breed better and dispel any myths surrounding pitbulls.

Bringing Home Your Pitbull:

This section provides guidance on what to consider and prepare for when bringing a pitbull into your home. It covers important topics such as puppy-proofing your house, setting up a safe and welcoming environment, and introducing your pitbull to family members and existing pets.

Pitbull Puppies Resources:

If you have a pitbull puppy or are considering getting one, this section offers resources specifically tailored to their needs. You’ll find information on puppy care, housebreaking, crate training, teething, and socialization during the crucial early months of your pitbull’s life.

Feeding Your Pitbull:

This section focuses on proper nutrition for your pitbull. It provides guidance on choosing the right dog food, portion sizes, feeding schedules, and dietary considerations. You’ll also find tips for managing weight, addressing allergies, and creating a balanced diet for your pitbull.

Socializing Your Pitbull:

Learn about the importance of socialization for pitbulls and how to properly socialize your furry friend. This section offers tips on introducing your pitbull to new people, animals, and environments, ensuring they grow up to be well-rounded and friendly dogs.

Pitbull and Kids:

Learn how to foster a positive relationship between your pitbull and children. This section offers guidance on teaching kids how to interact with dogs, supervising their interactions, and creating a safe and harmonious environment for both. It emphasizes responsible dog ownership and the benefits of growing up with a pitbull.

  • Introducing your pitbull to kids

Pitbulls and Other Dogs:

Discover strategies for introducing your pitbull to other dogs and fostering positive relationships. This section provides tips for dog-to-dog introductions, managing multi-dog households, and addressing any potential conflicts or aggression issues that may arise.

  • Introducing your pitbull to other dogs

Pitbull Training Resources:

Discover a range of resources to help you train your pitbull effectively. This section includes training guides, videos, and recommended trainers who specialize in working with pitbulls. You’ll find information on basic obedience, advanced commands, and addressing specific behavioral issues.

Pitbull Health Care Info:

Learn how to take care of your pitbull’s health with this comprehensive section. It covers topics such as vaccinations, regular check-ups, grooming routines, dental care, and common health concerns specific to pitbulls. You’ll also find information on how to recognize signs of illness and when to seek veterinary care.


If you are looking to adopt a pitbull from a shelter, this section provides guidance on finding reputable shelters, the adoption process, and tips for successfully integrating a shelter pitbull into your home. It also highlights the benefits of adopting and the rewarding experience it can be.

Pitbull and Aggression:

This section focuses on understanding and managing aggression in pitbulls. It provides insights into the underlying causes of aggression.


Discover a selection of useful tools and equipment for pitbull owners. This includes items such as leashes, collars, harnesses, crates, and training aids that can enhance your pitbull’s safety, comfort, and training experience.


Explore a recommended reading list of books dedicated to pitbulls. These books cover various topics, including breed history, training techniques, behavior understanding, and inspiring stories. Expand your knowledge and gain insights from experts in the field.

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