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Welcome to The Pitbull Center, your number-one source for all things Pitbull. I am dedicated to giving you the very best information about Pitbull dogs.

Doing this will clear the air on myths, and controversy and set the records straight about this often misunderstood dog breed.

I do this by sharing some of my personal experience, researching and talking to Vet doctors, pitbull dog owners, and dog trainers.

You can be sure you will get authentic information from every stakeholder in the dog industry that will help you raise or understand your own pit bull.

This blog is owned and managed by myself, Ryan Spree. I was born and raised in Georgia in 1979. Growing up, we owned two dogs. 

However, when I started staying on my own, I was fascinated by this special dog called Pitbull.

I wanted to know why everyone avoided them, why they had such a bad rap, and if any of the things I have heard about them are true.

They turned out to be false. This is my pit bull. I have owned him now for over 3 years.

Yes, raising a pitbull is hard. A pitbull dog is not for everyone but they are not as bad as they have been made to be.

Pitbull are strong-willed animals and they require someone who understands their temperament to bring out the best in them.

Despite this, they require continuous learning, and improvement which a lot of dog owners are not ready to provide, not to mention early socialization.

This site is designed to help you get the best out of your pitbull.

I started this site because I know that there is a lot of misinformation and I wanted there to be another single source of truth where every pitbull owner, enthusiast, journalist, or anyone interested in learning about the pitbull dog can find the authentic and correct information and able to answer some of their burning questions such as:

  1. Everything you need to know about the American Pitbull Terrier
  2. Are blue-nosed pit bulls aggressive?
  3. Pitbull Ownership Statistics in The USA State by State
  4. Can I be A Pitbull Owner? Take our Quiz to Find Out

Sometimes we have other people write for us as no one is an island of information.

However, you can be sure that whatever article we have placed on this site has been vetted by either me or one of my team.

We do not accept just any type of article, as we strive to keep this site as an accurate center of information.

We hope you enjoy our blog as much as we enjoy writing the content and keeping you informed.

What Qualifies Ryan to Write Content About Pitbull Dogs

As the driving force behind The Pitbull Center, I, Ryan Spree, bring a unique blend of personal experience, passion, and a commitment to dispelling misconceptions surrounding Pitbulls.

This platform is not just about sharing my personal experiences; it’s about curating a space where Pitbull owners, enthusiasts, journalists, and anyone eager to learn about this breed can access authentic and reliable information.

We hope you find our content both informative and enjoyable as we continue to share our passion for Pitbulls with you.

Looking to contact me? Contact me at ryan.thepitbullcentre@gmail.com